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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #85: What If (A Song to Souls)

What if every single being we had ever hurt chose to not forgive? And in return, every single action they took now had direct influence on our lives?

homeless-man-1-bw-big.jpgWhat if the homeless person’s eyes you looked into before you passed them on the street was one breath away from death? Would you have regrets? Would you have given the $50 in your pocket when you had $5000 in the bank? Perhaps you thought that someone was going to help, what if no one did?

What if the homeless man became more wealthy than any of us could imagine? What if he now had millions at his door step protesting for higher wages and better circumstances? What if he chose not to forgive and showed us all the same mercy we had for him that one night when he didn’t have a dime? What if you now had a chance to make this person and all rich people pay for your financial burdens? How would the cycle ever end?



What if the person you are abusing and/or disregarding would later become someone with much power and influence over your life? Would you have regrets? Would you want them to have mercy on you? If so, why?

What if the person that you abused chose not to forgive and upon their death chose to come back into your life? With every expression of your Love his/her soul was unconsciously hardened? They lacked compassion and their one mission was simply to make you feel the hurt and pain that you issued in a previous life? Upon your death, what if you now had a chance to make this seemingly unknown person pay for your pain? How would the cycle ever end?




What if every single unjust action you took against another would one day be linked back to you in an unknown way? Would you have regrets? Would you be more mindful of your actions?

What if the person’s soul you took cost you your own? Would you recognize your connection to All? What if every living creature you killed shortened your time on earth? Would you respect all life? What if the pain and hurt that you issued could manifest, expand and come right back to you and bring you to your knees? Would you live a more compassionate life?  What if every judgement you made was being tallied and would equal to the sum of times you yourself would be judged? Would you be more accepting of others? What if every negative thing you said about another person was said about you? Would you respect the power of your words? What if hurting yourself was equivalent to hurting someone else? Would you be more gentle with yourself? What if God lived inside every single one of us? Would it change your life?

“What if”, my brothers and sisters, “What if”?

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