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When Did I Learn…

That I’m not good enough? That I need to sell myself? That I need to advertise my attributes?   That I need to constantly say “Im a damn good woman” as to convince someone who thought I wasn’t? That I need to give all I have away to others? That I have to constantly endure other people’s bad days even when mines is good?
When Did I learn these things?!I know…its a rhetorical question, but today I will burn these things to the ground. They have served their purpose but no more. There is one thing that shaped everything with me, watching and listening to my mom and dad argue when I was little and if it couldn’t be anymore dysfunctional, they’d make me resolve their arguments!?!? I was this little thing standing in between these huge people yelling and both of them asking me to tell the other the truth about their being or not. Yes that shaped everything. From there I went on to attract so many dysfunctional people all throughout school and in my relationships, all externally expressing their anger and their hurt at me. And guess where I learned that I had to be subject to it? Right there in my grandmother’s kitchen between my mom and dad.

Today I burn all my own dysfunction that has been causing me nothing but a repetitive cycle of disease.  It must go, its time to accept my karma. Not the karma of my mother, father, my exes, but my own karma. I want my own karma, its time to live my life as I intend and not constantly carry around the baggage of others I encounter.

So I watched this show called “Brain Games” on Netflix and I promise you I know how to play games with my own mind to write and entirely new story about my coming of age. Today it goes down, today I unlearn.

Watch me (I dont like this song, but I Love her story! Come up!).

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