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When your relationship is worth it…

I think I finally got it. I have attracted so many men who don’t truly care about me but this last relationship has helped me to realize when someone truly cares for me and when I have a relationship worth working for. So now I share these pearls of wisdom with you. These are things that will ensure you have a relationship worth building.

#1 – you both care about and Love yourselves

The only way to know if someone truly cares about you is when you truly care about and Love yourself. And only a person who cares about and Loves themselves, will know how to Love you. When one has care and Love for self, they have first hand knowledge of what Love feels like because they give it to themselves. If you’re with someone, who does not Love themselves they will not know how to Love you. Relationships must first be built from the inside out.

#2 – YOU BOTH do things for EACH OTHER…just because

There won’t be a need to wait for Valentines Day or Christmas to show care. You will do and give to each other freely. There may not even be a reason except to see your Loved one smile, make them happy or simply because you want to. The things done won’t be done out of a sense of obligation, they will be done simply because of the Love you share. Its hard not to express how you truly feel about someone you care for, we will write about them, talk about them, call them or do whatever we have to to let them, as well as others, know we have someone special in our lives.

#3 – YOU BOTH ARE interestED in EACH OTHER

When you truly care for each other, neither of you will care about material things, what they do or what they can do for you. You will be more interested in them as a person. You might find that you ask each other lots  of personal questions because you are fascinated by who they are. You both will want to know these things, not to be nosy, but to feel closer to the one you Love.


Just because you are interested in someone, doesn’t mean they will share themselves with you. But when you both have truly healed from any past hurt, you will want Love in, and you will destroy any walls you have put up around yourself. You will allow your Lover to know more about you. You both will share yourselves, openly and honestly and with no fear.

#5 – YOU include EACH OTHER in plans for the future

In order for someone to include you in their future plans, they must first have goals. If they include you in them, this is a sure sign that they want you around and value your presence and opinion.

#6 – you both make Love with intent

This one is a bit harder for me to articulate to you, I’m actually getting heart palpitations and anxiety as I remember what making Love truly feels like. When you make Love, the right way, it transcends everything you thought you knew about sex. When you both have it right, you will feel as if you’re not even on this planet. It feels as if you are partaking in one of the most sacred and spiritual acts you could ever participate in. When you do this right, neither of you care about getting yours or not, it simply happens and it changes your entire world because you will have sex simply with the intention of making Love.

#7 – you both feel free

If the Love you feel for each other is true, you will feel free within the relationship. They will accept you as you are and place no restrictions or limitations on you. The relationship will make you feel light and carefree. When the both of you are invested and Love each other unconditionally the only thing that can stop either of you from growing and prospering is yourselves. Take care and make Love…

And remember, someone may truly care for you and not do all things on this list, but #1 and #7 are definitely necessities, other things take time, but eventually when the relationship is healthy and well, both of you will do all six things without even thinking.



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