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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #15 Where are you?

downloadI wish you were here now, to kiss the tears from my eyes

Here now to let me know everything is ok
Tell me you’d never leave my side

Someone to hold me body, mind, and soul
Someone to….

Where are you my love?

Why is it taking so long for us to be together?
Have I turned you away? Are you my past?
Will my past ever be my future?

Do you think of me…think of when we’ll be together
A part of my soul longs for you…I call to you every night
My calls are being answered but which one is you.

My love, if I’ve turned you away…
Just the thought and I’m in turmoil

Make yourself known
I need you

-Me (originally written on 12/19/2009 7:27 PM)

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