Where have you experienced your most supernatural occurrences?

Me first, where I grew up in four places. Down the the hill from my home up in this little field across from my Aunt Cea house (1 experience), my aunt Jesses house (1 experience still trips me out), my grandmas house (two experiences, same room) and my moms downstairs bedroom (3 experiences), it’s almost guaranteed that it’s going to be something interesting each time I’m in that room. Then you try to tell folks, talking about I’m dreaming lol you think I don’t got enough sense to know when I’m dreaming is different from what I’m experiencing?

I’m asking this because I’m really assuming things like this happen to people all the time right?

I grew up around mostly elders so I guess I’m not really as afraid as I should be. I would hear them just causally say…”Oh there goes an ole hank (ghost)” and I didn’t really have to ask what that was, it was just understood and they were never afraid, just a casual observation like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I am still looking into finding a lie detector administrator so that people can truly understand that we are not alone and there are spirits and all kinds of deities watching and around us all the time. you can even see people alive outside their bodies walking around. it really is amazing.

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