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Why I Started Back Voting…

Ok I’ve been through quite a few “conscious” communities and one commonality was that they don’t vote because the government is filled with corruption and they don’t support it. I don’t disagree; however, on my journey through and out of these communities, I realized I’d rather do something rather than nothing and sit around and complain about it. So I vote. I’m No Party, not Democrat nor Republican I carefully research each person individually and vote for the best candidate. If I feel a Democrat has the best policies? They get my vote. Republican has the best policies? They get my vote.

I don’t like being tied down to anything.

So why’d I leave these communities? I found them, to me, no different than other organized factions that they speak against. There is always some level of control of your mind and way of being. I want to be free to do WHAT THE F I WANT. And that’s just what I do, what I want, and Im not married to any one way of being. I don’t want to be around a bunch of folks turning their noses up at me if I choose to eat meat I got to hear the “Humans aren’t meant to eat meat speech.” Which is not true, humans aren’t animals on all fours. We know how to use fire, we have canines, we know how to cook food so that we don’t have to worry about it spoiling. Human intestinal tracks are hybrids, they can do what they want. Humans can CHOOSE.

I also don’t want to hear, “Well apes (or is it monkeys?) aren’t monogamous”, when I ONLY choose to be sexually exclusive with one person. Africans that never left the continent don’t even have Neanderthal (ape man) DNA so why compare myself to apes when NONE OF US are originally from the ape man? Humans can CHOOSE.

I just got so tired of it. Its stifling. I needed to be free. Even the need to be positive all the time when the world is both Light and Dark. I be who I want to be. I have my own mind and I like it that way. I try everything and cherry pick what works for me…and being who I want to be works for me.

No organized anything for me. Just me and a few down azz chicks and guys that rock with me hard, and I with them. I don’t even think any of us believe the same things however they don’t care about anything other than the heart of the person, and neither do I. Too blessed to be stressed trying to fit in where I don’t.

Find your tribe, no matter the size, and enjoy your life.

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