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Women: Open your heart to more

Open_Heart I was just talking to my friends about relationships. My male friend has attracted such beautiful women to him and I was poking his brain trying to figure out how I could do the same as it relates to men. What I forgot was that in order for me to get the men I desire I have to change some part of myself. But what?

So far, I have been attracting men that received, from me, way more than they gave. I was doing the mothering but the fathering from my men was nonexistent. My relationships were completely unbalanced. The problem? Me. I wasn’t open to receiving that type of Love from them. All I knew, all I was taught was how to be a great wife and mother. Never was I taught that my wants and desires were relevant. It’s so very important that I remember this. Asherah Amyas? Open your heart to receiving what your man has to give.

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