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Words on the Winds

I heard Hurricane Nate coming. Actually, I heard that storm coming for about two weeks before it hit landfall…the wind told me. 

For days I listened, as the wind seemed to speak to me, telling me something was coming, something was wrong. I didn’t speak a word of this to anyone because it seemed so crazy. So for a couple weeks it continued its ominous siren song until I got so nervous about it. I opened a browser to CNN and low and behold, another hurricane was on its way, coming straight through Alabama…it’s name was Hurricane Nate.

After such foreboding, I was so nervous about the destruction the storm would bring. Anxiety was building in my stomach and some part of me told me, “Pray on the wind.” Id never done it before nor had I heard anyone speak of doing it but that didn’t stop me. I hurried to get dress as the winds howled outside. As I walk through the door, I felt a peace wash over me…no fear. I walked outside and I repeated the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani 3xs on the wind and with each prayer, I kid you not, the wind seemed to calm itself. I wasn’t shocked by it at the moment, deep inside I knew it would happen…deep inside I knew how powerful the action was.

After this it made me realize once again that we are all we need. I didn’t need the news to tell me something was coming, as I was still I received the warning, weeks in advance to prepare. Hurricane Nate in all its devastation let me know, it meant no harm, it was only here to do what it was here to do.

So Today, less than a week later, I decided I’d speak my own name on the wind, to be heard, to soar, to fly and have the spirit of my name live on. Who knows what will happen, on which ears it will fall, but I have hope that in the future the winds will always send me a message of what’s to come so I can prepare as many who’d listen. For this, I give thanks. Asé.

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