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Words that Changed my Life

Words that Changed My LifeHere I will post some quotes that have changed my life. Some of them came to me in dreams, others I have read or written myself. I hope they at least inspire one person.

“This I share with you…Lift your head and stand on your feet. You and I have been given everything we need to live a happy fulfilling life. Remember yea are gods and heaven and hell are on earth. Build your heavens and demolish your hells, for when we die, we go back to that from which we came.”

-Me (words came to me while day dreaming)

“YOU got yourself into this and only YOU can get yourself out. Good luck with that”

-Me (this came to me when I “ran away” from MY home cuz I didn’t know how to deal. Let’s just say a couple months later I created my out and I was just that…out lol.

“Damn girl do you give yourself any credit!”

-Me (it’s amazing I remember this one lol I was living in Colorado and decided to get off at an unknown stop and site see well I walked entirely too far and the shoes I had on were too tight and I was actually considering sleeping in the bushes for the night instead of hitching a ride back…no cell and…the bus had just stopped running…I was out by the mountains…I finally got home with every once of my being and my feet were seriously jacked… and the praises went flying…I then heard /said/thought the above

“I don’t pray, I have faith that I have been given everything I need to work THIS out. I just stay thankful for what I have”

-Me (this caused a big hooplah between me and my mom. She even sicked my aunt babara on me and it’s funny aunt babara and I saw eye to eye. I told her I don’t pray because I don’t want for anything and I consider it begging when there are so many that don’t have. Most things in my power to aquire I can get. I’m just thankful for what I have and anything that I receive for being thankful are gifts. I like gifts :-)”

a lil clarification, let’s use the genocide in Afrika for instance my praying won’t help those people…we need to stand up to the injustice and help them out…praying to me is a passive stance to an active problem…if I want a glass of water I don’t pray for a glass I get my butt up and get a glass and be thankful that there is water there for me to get…I have a connection and to me there is just no use for prayer in my life…it may provide comfort to others and I’m not knocking it just trying to explain why I don’t…to each his own…whatever works for ya :-)

one more clarification…before I get another email…lol…lets look at it like this…

Say God is the parent and you are the child…you are given life, beautiful scenery, food to eat, clean air to breathe and shelter from the storm. Basically you are given everything you need and then things you didn’t know you needed. How best can the ideal child pay homage to a parent?

This is my PERSONAL way I pay homage for my gift of life, by being thankful for what I have and giving selflessly if I’m able. I don’t ask my parent for more, I’m just thankful for what I have. If I am in need, I use my gifts that have been given to me to acquire what I need (and of course some wants). I don’t ask my parent for help for someone else, if I can, I provide that help because I feel I have so much.

Each person should have their own way of being thankful for life. How you do it is up to you…this is the way I do it. :-)

And far as the connection, how can I fear losing a connection to my parent? How can my parent EVER forget that I am their child? I don’t worry about such things.

Me Colorado

Me in Colorado (just before I went sight seeing)

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