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Yemaya: My Spiritual Mother

I finished Discovering Your Spiritual Parents ( and discovered I am a Monday child and I scanned the list and saw Yemayas name and as soon as I read her name I felt her so strongly. I researched her and noticed the bangles on her arms like me and she’s always in water and I adore being close to water…I’m also a Cancer.

– When I was in college I found an interesting photo of a mermaid in water and I felt a strong urge to draw her, now I see that same photo as I’m doing my research and I get chills because it’s another depiction of Yemaya.

– I also wear silver bangles and bracelets on my arms and multiple silver chains. I will definitely be getting more bangles now!!

– I had been randomly and oddly driving around with a gang of sea shells in my car…I live no where near a beach.

– My friend did artwork of me and sent it to me with no payment even received, she still hasn’t allowed me to pay for it, and this is what she painted. She’s a vanilla skinned Goddess and she says when she thinks of me this is what she sees. Wow, and of course the woman inside my heart cocoon is also me that she knows all too well lol. As I look at her now she reminds me of Yemaya…the bangles and adornments in her hair. She is also sitting up at the highest level in this room…she knew where she wanted to be. Now the dragonflies…that’s a whole other story.
I know she’s at least one of my spiritual parents and I give thanks and praises and send all my Love to Father Gibson and Mother Gibson. I send you eternal blessings. Thank you for loving us all so dearly.

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