Love’s Chronicles – Entry #81: You are Perfect


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I just said so-long to a dear friend of mines, who will always remain so in spirit. You might ask, why would I say good bye to such a dear friend, well sometimes you need to Love from afar.

One of the major reasons I decided not to exist in the same time and place with this man is because I had to censor too much of myself. I was so careful of everything I said, because I didn’t want anyone to take offense. It’s as if everything had to be his idea of perfect, everything I said, did, wrote had to be perfectly executed. In my opinion, he wanted me to be who he thought he wasn’t…perfect. And for years I had to fight through his projection on to me. And as I fought through this cellophane of perfection, I realized that this barrier existed only because I believed it so. So I did what any logical person would do, stepped back and walked around the issue and now it is no more. Life is really simple, we just make it hard on ourselves. Why? Perhaps we figure that nothing this beautiful can be easy.

And when I stepped away, I realized, no one has power over another unless we give them that right. Nothing you say, see or hear has the power to harm you in any way unless you first give that power away. Is it really logical to hold someone else responsible for our emotions? For instance, you may hear a friend gossiping about someone else and it takes you back to memories of the times you were talked about. Is it really your friend’s fault that you still have unresolved issues about gossiping? If you look at it in another light, isn’t it in fact more of a blessing that you were witness to this gossiping so that it can now in turn help you to heal your past wounds? Some may speak it but my truth that I walk in is that everything is in perfect time and place. Even my friend getting on my FUCKING nerves on his quest to being perfect had NOTHING to do with me lol. I’ll say it again…

Your quest for perfection, has nothing to do with me because I am already perfect…with and without your input.


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So if you are around someone who has a thirst for perfection and projects that on to you, is it really your battle or theirs? Why are you trying to fit into their idea of perfect when you are perfect as Love intends, as God intends? Why must we constantly subject ourselves to such scrutiny for the sake of “getting along”? Be who you are. You could be the biggest asshole in the world but I guarantee you that someway, somehow, someone is thankful for having experienced yo’ ass. Everything is in Divine order…there are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Sound like right brain hocus-pocus? Just look at nature, everything grows in its own timing. A flower does not need permission to bloom just like the sun doesn’t need permission to shine. We don’t even give our hearts permission to beat. Everything is happening just as its suppose to…just as it needs to. You are the world you create…remember that.

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